K11-200-1200 ظرف مخرطة 3 لقمة 200 مم
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K11-200-1200 ظرف مخرطة 3 لقمة 200 مم

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  • العلامة التجارية : APT-CHUCK
  • بلد المنشأ: صيني
  • الباركود: 6221257006926

Vevor K11-200 Lathe Chuck 8 Inch 3 Jaw,Self Centering Chuck Hardened Steel Jaws,Internal External Grinding for Lathe Drilling Milling Machine - Amazon.com

  • Quality Material: The lathe chuck body is made of high-quality hardened steel, and the hardness test of the jaws and guides is HRC58-62. It has high strength and toughness, compression resistance and durability, and long service life.
  • High Precision: The wood lathe chuck jaws and three jaws are self-centering, the alignment accuracy is less than or equal to 0.002" / 0.05 mm, and no adjustment is required after installation. The high precision design of the chuck bevel gear guarantees the accuracy of the chuck operation.
  • Double Jaw Chuck Jaws: Internal jaw is a positive L-shape, and external jaw is an inverted L-shape. The clamping range of this chuck is between 0.16" / 4 mm - 7.87" / 200 mm, which is suitable for clamping a variety of industrial parts.
  • Fast Clamping Speed: The 3 jaw lathe chuck has an automatic centering function, so it does not need to be repeatedly calibrated during installation. It only needs to be installed in the correct order, which is simple, fast, and convenient.
  • High Adaptability: The accessory screws make the scroll chuck highly adaptable and can be used with the same series of jaws as the chuck. This power lathe chuck is suitable for clamping various parts such as hanging shafts, disks, equilateral triangles, etc.
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