TW220038_ماكينة لحام 200 امبير ديجيتال انفرتر توتال
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TW220038_ماكينة لحام 200 امبير ديجيتال انفرتر توتال

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TOTAL TW220038 Inverter MMA Welding Machine 200A IGBT

  • MMA(Manual Metal Arc) – manual arc welding with coated stick electrodes.
  • ARC-Force: Adjusts the amperage to avoid sticking of the electrode when the distance between the electrode and the work piece decreases.
  • Hot start: Simplifies arc striking by briefly increasing the amperage at the start of welding.
  • Anti-Stick: cuts power to the equipment when the electrode sticks, taking care of the part, electrode and making it easier to take off.
  • Included:

IGBT inverter technology.

Power: 8.4 kVA = 6.72 kW.

Input voltage: 1~220-240V.

Frequency: 50/60Hz.

Output current: 10-200A.

Max.output current: 200A

Duty cycle: 200A@60%

LED screen.

No-load voltage: 79V.

Diameter of electrode: 1.6-4.0mm

IP21 protection rating.

Anti-stick/Hot start/Arc-force.

Packed by color box:

1 Pcs helmet.

1 Pcs wire brush.

1 Pcs earth clamp with cable.

1 Pcs electrode holder with cable

Warranty: 2 year.


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