THT826125  مسطرين 6
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THT826125 مسطرين 6" دفرة يد بلاستيك توتال

70.00 EGP
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  • العلامة التجارية : Total
  • بلد المنشأ: صيني
  • الباركود: 12326101010


TOTAL THT826125 6" Ruler

Total THT826125 Two Rollers is a specialized hand tool designed for brickwork and masonry. Flat and rectangular blade made of durable and rust-resistant material. This blade is designed for the purpose of spreading and leveling mortar or adhesive during the brick or block laying process. To ensure a firm grip and precise control, the shovel is equipped with an ergonomic handle. This tool is valuable for both professional construction workers and DIY enthusiasts aiming for precise and efficient brickwork. It ensures a smooth and even application of mortar, which is essential for building strong, well-aligned brick structures. In the field of construction and construction projects, this masonry shovel is an indispensable tool, contributing to accuracy and stability in the brickwork process. Comes in 6 inch size.

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