THT1321202 قمطة فتيل 40سم*120 توتال
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THT1321202 قمطة فتيل 40سم*120 توتال

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TOTAL – THT1321202 F clamp 120x400mm

  • 400mm industrial-grade F-shaped bar clamp
  • Max clamp force: 450kg
  • 8 x 30mm nickel-plated forged steel rail bar
  • Ø 15.3mm black finished thread bar
  • Malleable steel jaws with PVC covers
  • Powder coated for rust prevention
  • Thermoplastic rubber quick release turn handle
  • Adjustable pressure design
  • Heavy duty industrial grade 400mm forged carbon steel F-shaped bar clamp, mainly used for clamping pieces of wood while joining with glue or fastening with screws.
  • Consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw with an attached spindle, that together slides along a rail bar. This allows the clamp opening to be set accordingly, typically to the size of the work piece.
  • A thermoplastic rubber handle provides a comfortable grip when rotating the spindle, which in turn controls the final clamping pressure.
  • In addition, the tip of the spindle has a swivel pivot, to ensure a tight grip even in irregularly shaped work pieces.
  • The clamping plates of the jaws are covered by plastic pads for protecting the work piece. It still is recommended, though, to insert a thin scrap of wood between the work piece and the jaws on both sides, for added protection and leverage.
  • The rail bar is 22mm wide x 6mm thick, tough enough for most basic home improvement jobs.
  • Best for wood working joinery, particularly for securely holding while curing glued joints.
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