TB20045_ مسدس تسخين 2000وات 4قطعة سرعات توتال
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TB20045_ مسدس تسخين 2000وات 4قطعة سرعات توتال

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TB20045 Heat Gun

Be careful when handling the heat gun. Do not operate the heat gun until you have read and understood the following instructions and the warning labels.

⚠️ Warning:

  2. DO NOT HIT this tool to other objects while operating.
  3. DO NOT INSERT anything down the nozzle of the gun.

📖 Safety operation guide:

  1. Do not use a heat gun near combustible or flammable substances.
  2. Usage of an extension cord to power a heat gun is discourage. 
  3. Always switch the tool off before putting it down on any surface.
  4. And allow the device to cool down before storing away.
  5. Never touch the hot metal nozzle with your barehand or skin.
  6. Never direct the air flow towards one’s body.
  7. Do not look down the nozzle while the gun is turned on.
  8. Never block the inlet grill or obstruct the air flow of the unit while in operation.

Adjustable temperature with rotating back cap for precise control.

Package comes with,

1 pc Reduction nozzle

1 pc Reflector nozzle

1 pc Flat nozzle

1 pc Scraper

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