TAC2101251 _حجر 5×1مم توتال
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TAC2101251 _حجر 5×1مم توتال

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  • العلامة التجارية : Total
  • بلد المنشأ: صيني
  • الباركود: 12357027010

Total TAC2101251 Stainless Steel Metal Cutting Disc, 125 mm Diameter

Total TAC2101251 Inox Metal Cutting Disc contains high quality abrasives for durability and long life. Thin blade design for fast and precise cutting. Suitable for cutting a variety of metals, including stainless steel, mild steel, and cast iron. Universal tree for compatibility with most angle grinders. Perfect tool for any metal cutting job. Specifications:Size:125mm(5inch),1.0mm(3/64inch),22.2mm(7/8inch).

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