SW-600A Li جهاز قياس مسافات 600 متر. قياس رسعات .بطارية
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SW-600A Li جهاز قياس مسافات 600 متر. قياس رسعات .بطارية

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  • العلامة التجارية : SNDWAY
  • بلد المنشأ: ياباني
  • الباركود: 123586950010
Measuring range  3-600m
 Magnification (6.0±5%)X
 Field of view 6°±10%
 Scan Distance Measure  Yes
 Distance Measure Accuracy  ±(1.0m+D*0.2%)
 Speed Measure Accuracy  ±5 KM/H
 Diopter Adjustable Range  ±6°
 Objective caliber  23.7mm
 Eyepiece caliber  15mm
 Exit pupil caliber  3.7mm
 Lens Coatings  Fully Multi-Coated(FMC)
 Battery  Li-ion 3.7V 750mAH
 Battery Life  Charge-discharge 800 times
 Battery working life  Single Measuring 30000 times after one time full charging
 Water Resistant  IP54
 Dimensions  104 * 76.5 * 41 mm
 Net Weight  197g
 Laser wave length  905nm

Packing List:

 Item  Q’TY
 Meter  1pc
 Pouch  1pc
 Hand Strap  1pc
 USB cable  1pc
 User’s manual  1pc
 Gift box  1pc

Layout & LCD display:

  1. Laser emission
  2. Laser receiving lens
  3. Mode/Unit switching key
  4. Power & Start button
  5. Observation eyepiece
  6. Rotation-type focusing
  7. USB Insert
  8. Charging Light
  1.  “ ” – Low power
  2.  “” – Scanning mode
  3.  ““-Laser shooting
  4.  “” – Target
  5.  “” – Straight line distance result

Operating Instructions:

A) Start

The laser range and Speed finder have two buttons: the “Start” button () and the “Mode” button. Press “” for about 1 second and the device will start

B) Diopter adjustment: 
Adjust the diopter to get a clear image in the eyepiece display. Turn the rotation of the eyepiece left or right until the display is in focus.

C) Mode change

Shortly press the “mode” button, and the range finder will change between 2 modes.
Mode 1: Range mode: Measure straight line distance
Mode 2: Speed mode (Show ” speed in LCD”).Show in the figure below:

D) Scanning
Hold down the key does not release it, then start the scan ranging the top left of the screen displays the scan character “SCAN” with the change of the target, the straight-line distance data to constantly refresh the display, release the key  , stop ranging.

E) Unit change

The laser rangefinder will automatically power off in 20 seconds without operation.

F) Automatic Power-off 

Long press the “MODE” button, and Units of distance ” M/Y” can be converted.

G) The points for attention
Battery life: Continuous operation of about 30000 (room temperature), goal focus, measurement, and automatic power-down is included in the single duty cycle. This number may vary depending on the other factors of the temperature the target shape, and color.

Important Notes:

The multifunctional range finder does not emitted a visible It uses a, and from the selected target reflection, back to the optical receiver.
non-destructive vision infrared pulse laser By measuring each pulse from the target and back, the laser rangefinder then uses its advanced diagnostic circuit to instantly calculate the measured distance. The maximum measuring range of the device depends on target reflectivity, color, surface finish, size, and actual shape.

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