PFM26-200 مسطرين بيضاوي أسباني مقاس 20 سم
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PFM26-200 مسطرين بيضاوي أسباني مقاس 20 سم

780.00 EGP
الأسعار تشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة. الشحن محسوبة عند الدفع
  • العلامة التجارية : RUBI
  • بلد المنشأ: اسباني
  • الباركود: 35037520



The palette is, without a doubt, an essential tool for the construction professional; it is used mainly to mix materials and to apply them on a trowel or directly on the support.

Thanks to the modern manufacturing processes, the RUBI pallets guarantee a total regularity of all the items, a perfect flatness and a great resistance and protection against the corrosion of the sheet, and also, thanks to the use of the exclusive fusion technique to Forging temperature, they offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage at the point of union of the shank of the handle and the base of the blade.

The pallets with wooden handle PFM26 are the fruit of a constant work of advanced technological research to achieve a product of high quality and strength.

Applying the latest technologies, RUBI can offer the professional in the construction sector a range of pallets with the best quality guarantees.

The wooden handle of the PFM26 pallets is varnished beech and incorporates a special white nylon knob to hit without staining, plus a nickel-plated ferrule with notches to increase the fixation to the handle.

The blades of the PFM26 blades, from RUBI, receive a specific thermal treatment that improves their flexibility and reduces their wear. In the same way as the spike of the pallet, to increase its hardness and rigidity make the RUBI pallets a tool of maximum lightness and excellent qualities of resistance and comfort of use.

The fibers of the sheet have been oriented longitudinally during the rolling.

The fixation between the handle and the tang of the pallets with wooden handle PFM26 is solid and unbreakable.

The pallet model spike with wooden handle PFM26 presents, unlike the rest of the pallets of the RUBI range, a curved shape, called "Swan Neck".

The RUBI brand is known for its great durability and the quality of its tools. For more than 65 years, RUBI has only manufactured products with high durability and resistance, in order to give the best performance in the toughest working conditions and adapting to the demands of each market.




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