PRO 250 DCمكن لحام انفرتر اوكراني ديجيتال امبير250 1فاز شنطه
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PRO 250 DCمكن لحام انفرتر اوكراني ديجيتال امبير250 1فاز شنطه

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  • العلامة التجارية : PATON
  • بلد المنشأ: اوكراني
  • الباركود: 12355215010

Universal inverter welder PATON PRO-250 230V is designed for manual arc welding with the MMA method, argon-arc welding with the TIG method with direct current and semi-automatic welding with the MIG/MAG method in a shield of gases and protective mixtures.

This model achieves a duty cycle of 70% at its full nominal current of 250А, which is sufficient to work with any electrodes from Ф1.6mm up to Ф6mm and semi-automatic welding with solid wire of diameter from Ф0.6mm to Ф1.2mm (MIG/MAG welding is possible after purchasing a wire feeder). The device is set to optimal values for most cases of use. Demanding users can select each parameter individually.

The PRO series offers full electronic control, which allows greater control of the welding process for each of the selected methods, as well as allowing maximum utilization of the equipment potential. Welding inverters from the PRO series are dedicated for industrial use as well as for the most demanding home users.

  • European production of welding machines
  • Electronic thermal protection system that protects all heat-generating elements against overheating
  • Possibility to connect an external wire feeder
  • Possibility to work with long extension cables as well as with a generator
  • Pulsed mode available for all welding methods
  • Improved arc glow stability
  • Hot-Start, Arc-Force and Anti-Force functions
  • Voltage spike protection and stabilization system to ensure proper operation from 160V to 260V
  • Two times less electricity consumption compared to traditional sources
  • Optimum penetration and correct stitch shape regardless of welding position

5-year manufacturer’s warranty for consumers and companies

The highest quality workmanship confirmed by a 5-year DOOR-to-DOOR manufacturer’s warranty. VDI PRO series models are characterized by a compact design that uses a number of innovative technological solutions increasing the reliability of the equipment. Increased reliability of the inverter in environments with high dust and humidity by moving the electronic system to a separate chamber also impregnated the electronic components with a high class varnish.

The purchased set includes:

  • PATON PRO-250 MMA inverter welder
  • Electrode holder ABICOR BINZEL DE2200 3m
  • Mass holder ABICOR BINZEL MK300 3m
  • Professional carrying case
  • Carrying strap
  • User manual
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