SHR 350 PRO صنية الماظ رخام-جرانيت 350-25مم
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SHR 350 PRO صنية الماظ رخام-جرانيت 350-25مم

3,575.00 EGP
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  • العلامة التجارية : RUBI
  • بلد المنشأ: اسباني
  • الباركود: 35032973



The RUBI SEV diamond blade is recommended for the dry cutting of general construction materials such as: brick, concrete, terrazzo, etc.

Being a segmented blade, the SEV diamond blade offers the highest cutting speed to the construction professional.

The careful design of the segments and their composition, based on the best raw materials, allows the cutting to be carried out with the maximum speed and the best cooling.

Segmented diamond blades are always the best option for cutting materials with thicknesses greater than 25 mm.

RUBI SEV diamond blade segments are joined to the steel core by laser welding.

Within its range of diamond blades, RUBI offers the professional two blade qualities: PRO and SUPERPRO.

PRO blades offer the professional user the best relationship between performance and price.

SUPERPRO blades are the most suitable option for the most demanding jobs.

Discs with thicknesses less than 2 mm are not suitable for miter cutting.

The SEV-230 SUPERPRO diamond blade model features a perforated core design to offer the construction professional better cooling and reduced stress during cutting.

In RUBI we know the way of working in each country of the world, we know the requirements of the ceramic setters and we have the knowledge of all the materials that are used for the installations and reforms. For these reasons RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and very demanding sector. That is why RUBI puts at your disposal all the knowledge and experience to manufacture high precision tools. The high demands of our customers and the market makes us put all our experience to design tools and products for cutting and laying the ceramic tile in the most accurate way

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