بواسطة Sabreen Sageer في November 14, 2020
In particular, generally defined as the buying and selling of goods and services online,has attracted millions of dollars from local and international investors eager to tap into the potential of the Egyptian market, which, with its 37 million internet users, has the largest population of internetusers in the MENA region.
Card owners in Egypt are still afraid to shop online, they still aware from a fraud that might happen to them from the website itself or from a black hatted hacker who might be stoking, and that is not that easy to happen as all the online payments are made through banks and they invested hundreds of dollars on their security systems for either the hacking or as a fraud detection.
To get he power of the internet in Egypt; the Egyptian revolution spark started from the internet specially facebook, just a cue on how to encourage and call out people to a specific place in a specific
time and in millions. When the Egyptian government wanted to kill that spark Egypt faced a three days
internet blackout in a row.
Facebook had enhanced its targeting matrix, you can easily choose your audience, from a specific
country, specific age, specific sex to even a specific interest and education so you have to be sure that
your ad is going to be seen by the people who really wanted and would be interested in.
Now is the era of the internet, It's like an ocean filled with fishes.  All the major companies and
corporates has an online presence, there purchasing managers are still young but good in the business
before making any purchasing decision or order they search the source for reviews and brand
knowledge you will have the advantage in addressing all those potential customers.
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